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  • Name: BC6
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  • Specification
  • Operating Voltage: DC 11-18V
                          AC 100-220V,50/60Hz

    Max.charge Power: 50W

    Max. discharge Power: 5W

    Charge Current: 0.1~5.0A

    Discharge Current:0.1~1.0A

    Current drain for balancing Li-po: 300mAh/cell

    Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh Battery: 1-15 cells

    Li-ion/Polymer/Li-Fe Battery: 1s to 6s Bunch

    PB Battery: 2-20V

    User Memory Slots:5

    Sensors: Temperature

    Backlight Color: Blue

    Cooling System: Fan

    Weight: 300g

    Size: 135*89*28mm

    Color: Blue

    Certificate: CE0678



    Package Includes:


    Power Adapter (Purchase Separately)


    Set Of Wires

    Connection Adapter


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