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New listing——Paladin PL18 Engineered to be intuitive.

Countless hours of development and testing by dozens of talented engineers and talented pilots.

Finally! The Paladin PL18 is coming!

Paladin PL18: The art of precision.

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Free to Switch Types, Handy with 18 Channels.

For the first time fixed-wing, glider, helicopter, FPV, multicopter and construction vehicles are all supported with one transmitter. Switch model types and play with 18 customizable channels.

Smash all boundaries and do things your way with the Paladin PL18.

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Adjustable high precision HALL gimbal technology!

The high-precision hall gimbals are easy to set up for left- or right-hand throttle, have adjustable spring tensioning, as well as adjustment for dampening and max/min movement angle. Never has a gimbal ever felt so good for so many people.

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Third Generation RF Technology,Detachable RF Module,

From Now On, Everything Will Never Be The Same.

AFHDS 3 is the latest generation of RF technology developed by FlySky, especially for the PL18. AFHDS 3 is designed to be an all in one configurable, low latency (5ms), stable protocol for use at longer ranges (up to 3.6km), even in the presence of interference.  

The PL18 is designed to be compatible with many different detachable RF modules making the PL18 one of the most flexible FlySky products.

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Dual Omnidirectional Antennas

The unique design of the combination of omnidirectional and directed of the antennas guarantee make the signals stable, and greatly improve the control distance and antijamming capability.

With the PL18, you will be the center of high sky and vast sea.

PL18 uses two omnidirectional antennas in order to guarantee a strong, stable signal at longer ranges.

The world just got that much bigger!

Super Cruising Ability, Racing without Stop

The PL18’s built in battery has a capacity of 4300mAh, meaning that the system will get over 8 hours of use between charges.

FlyskyOS is a feast for the eyes!

The PL18 has a 320*480 capacitive color touch screen, amazing FlySkyOS firmware available in both Chinese and English languages.

  • Wireless charging, USB charging

  • Voice / vibration prompts

  • USB simulator (For use with flight simulation software)

  • Compatible with FTr10 and FTr16s receivers

  • Copy and paste model data

  • Customizable switches

  • Trainer function

  • Stable signal even with over 40 transmitters being used at the same time